Jazz Free WhatsApp Offer

Detail: Jazz Free WhatsApp Offer

Name: Jazz Free WhatsApp Offer
Validity: 01 Day
Subscription Fee: FREE
Subscription Code: *225#
Un-Subscription Code: *225*4#
Status Code: *225*2#
More Info: 650 MBs per day (MBs will be expired in Mid-Night)


Jazz always provided the best offers for valued customers. Here is also Jazz Free WhatsApp Offer for its valuable users. You can get 65 MBs of WhatsApp in very economical price. You will be charged Rs. 1.5 on each call, 10 calls are allowed in one day. Start Calling free. Just dial *225# first and subscribe to the Jazz WhatsApp call offer!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Given 65 MBs are applicable on On-Net, Off Net and landline also except IVR calls.
  2. The compulsory charges are applicable to both Bundle and base rate voice calls.
  3. These charges will be charged up to 10 calls per day with expiration on Mid-Night.
  4. Max accumulated incentive can be 650 MBs. After Mid-Night 12:00 Am, the new counter is started and charges will be charged after every end of call.
  5. Charges will be applied according to area’s local time.
  6. Incentive on a new call will only be utilized when previous incentives are cleared / paid. For example, assuming second call is produced prior to getting the incentives for the first call, no incentive will be posted for that call anyway user will in any case be able for 9 calls for the day.
  7. User can enjoy the full features of WhatsApp via this subscription.
  8. Multiple subscriptions are not allowed.
  9. Offer is auto-recursive and cannot be un-subscribed before the promo ends.
  10. Internet speed may vary on multiple factors like sim, time of day, device, web speed, , number of users, distance from 2G/3G/4G site, etc.
  11. Overage charge of Rs. 2 per MB will be charged in case of No other data or any Hybrid bundle is subscribed & the complete WhatsApp incentives are consumed / expired before midnight expiry (12:00 am).


Jazz users who use WhatsApp as a means of communication, to cater to your needs a free offer is introduced by
Jazz Pakistan, one of the largest cellular network providers in Pakistan. In recent , Jazz made an offer that make the customer able to use WhatsApp for free. This offer is much useful for them who are using WhatsApp as their primary messaging app.

In recent, Jazz has introduced jazz free WhatsApp offer that is consists of 65 MBPs of data (Only WhatsApp)in only 1.5 PKR. This jazz-free WhatsApp package is valid for 1 day only and will not be auto-renewed. In this package, Jazz WhatsApp offer allows the customer to make a voice call, Video call, share files without any hesitation and unlimited SMS also. Prepaid & Postpaid, both users can enjoy this offer.

An activation code is required to subscribe this package (Jazz WhatsApp Free Offer). Dial *225# to activate Jazz free WhatsApp offer. After dial this, you will receive a confirmation message. The offer will activated after the message is received. Validity of this offer is only for One day.

Like Activation scenario, there is also a code *225*4# required to deactivate the jazz free WhatsApp offer on your number. After expiration, this offer will not be auto-renewable. For reactivation, user have to dial the activation code again.

Although it’s not completely free, it does charge Rs.1.5 but it almost seems free at this price. Most of the time, I try to re-subscribe to my monthly package but whenever I forget about it and I feel the need to use WhatsApp immediately without being charged hefty amounts, free WhatsApp package jazz is my go-to option. While the offer has some limitations, it is still a useful backup option for customers who use WhatsApp as their primary messaging service.

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