Jazz Free Facebook Offer

Details- Jazz Free Facebook Offer

Offer Name Jazz Free Facebook Offer
Subscription Fee Rs. 0 – FREE
Subscription Code Switch your Data mode to Basic Mode
Validity Unlimited
De-Activation Code Switch back from Basic mode to data mode


  • You can enjoy free Facebook with Jazz now. Best MB savage when you are online. Interact with friends! Chat with them! Scroll everywhere you want!
  • This is the Jazz free basic mode. Really hub for jazz customer, only you have to switch between Free and Data versions of Facebook with only a Single click.
  • A toggle button is available right at the top of screen. Just tap on it and enjoy free basic Facebook.

Method to Go-On

  • Simply go to free mode by flicking the “Go to Free” toggle button on the top of your Facebook screen.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Facebook free mode allows the user the easily move slide between two modes- free mode and data mode.
  2. Basic mode is a simple, light weighted version of Facebook. Here you can post, share, comment, like and chat for absolutely free.
  3. By clicking the ‘view photos’ button, you can watch Videos, Photos. This click will turn you into the Regular mode of Facebook.
  4. But this mode is not free like Jazz free Facebook mode, You will be charged as per your package plan.
    To get back into the “free basic mode” just click on the ” Go to free” button, tap on it and enter back in free zone.
  5. New Facebook users are also eligible to use Facebook for free for 30 days.
  6. To come out from jazz free Facebook mode, when in data mode, just click “?” next to “You” re in Data Mode.
  7. When you are using Facebook in android apps or Facebook menu (facebook.com), you can come out of free mode by visiting your Facebook bookmarks.
  8. Remember this free Facebook is only available on mobile devices only.
  9. Turn your background data sync off. To do so:
  10. Go to device’s setting that is Main Setting Menu.
  11. Choose data usage by clicking the ” Wireless & Networks”.
  12. Choose the menu icon button.
  13. Be sure ‘Restrict background data’ is checked or not, if not then check it.
  14. Make sure ‘Auto-sync data’ is unchecked.
  15. Be sure ‘Auto-sync data’ is unchecked or not, if not unchecked then uncheck it immediately.
  16. There is also language setting available in settings. For free basics, if Facebook is available in more than one language, you can change the language by clicking “About free Basics” at the bottom of the list of websites.

For the free basics app:

  • You are in a country where free basics is available in more than one language, you can select your language by clicking “Setting” in the menu tab in the Upper right corner.
  • Then tap ‘Change Language’.
  • The best thing is that you can use any mobile internet package, call, text, use data and use hybrid bundle offers while using the Free Basics promo.
  • Websites that provide Free basics will never deduct balance from your account while using them.


What is jazz free Facebook?
Use of Facebook for free with Jazz. You can use Facebook free while using this in app. This only applies on Mobile apps.

How can I get free Facebook from jazz?

Visit Facebook free version from Facebook website and start using it in free.

What is difference between regular Facebook from this?

By clicking the toggle of right corner of your Facebook screen, you will get in Facebook free mode. In Free mode, you will be able to scroll your timeline, can post a text status, make conversation, do comment on status and share a post without any data charge. Images and Videos are not available in Free mode, you have to use Data mode if you want to enjoy Pictures and videos also.

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